FACCE MACSUR workshop for policymakers (2016-05-24)

Supporting policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation for European agriculture
A FACCE MACSUR workshop for policymakers

24 May 2016
Brussels, Rue Montoyer 61
on the premises of the Representation of the State of Lower Saxony to the European Union

The 2016 MACSUR workshop for policymakers focused on impacts of climate change on agriculture in several regions across Europe and how local adaptation measures might conflict with EU and national policies. MACSUR case studies indicated that such conflicts exist or will become likely in the areas of water use, fertilisation (nitrate directive), and land ownership. Presentations by representatives of the European food and beverage industry, the European landowners, and the Commission showed agreement on future challenges for food production: climate change, growing global population, increasing average age in industrialized countries. For achieving global food security in 30 years it will become necessary to find solutions that are economically sound, satisfying for farmers and consumers, and gentle to environment and climate.

Among the solutions, some of which are already explored in European regions, are: improved agricultural technologies so that more and better food can be produced with less amount of resources; production of feedstuff only on agricultural land not suited for food production; avoidance of food loss (during production, processing, and post-consumer); regulations at national and EU level that consider regional climate and environment.

Concrete plans call for detailed calculations by models, which, however, cannot be produced at short notice because of the many links and feedbacks among climate, environment, trade, agriculture, society, and nature that must be specified. Therefore, even closer and more regular harmonization of scenarios, options, and plans among decisionmakers, researchers, food industry, farmers, and consumers are necessary for gradually finding sustainable solutions.

A near-term research plan (AgEurope50) and a long-term grand European research initiative (EU Flagship) on 'climate change impacts along the agro-food chain' was proposed by MACSUR that could contribute significantly to producing solutions. This initiative must be supported by enough stakeholders (by rating the idea on a scale of one to five stars - http://macsur.eu/flagship) in order to keep it on the top of the list.

12:30 Registration/Lunch
Part 1: Updates from the FACCE MACSUR project 
13:30  Introduction to FACCE JPI and MACSUR — Jurgita Lekaviciute, INRA, France; Floor Brouwer, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands
 13:40 How do European policies (CAP, Nitrate Directive, Water Framework, etc.) contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in MACSUR case study regions? — Heikki Lehtonen, Luke (Natural Resources Institute), Finland
14:10 The mitigation potential in European agriculture — Nigel Scollan, Aberystwyth University, UK
14:40 Discussion
15:00 Coffee, Tea
Part 2:  
Actions supporting adaptation to and mitigation of climate change in agriculture
 15:00 Registration
16:20 Discussion: Future priorities for actions, policies and research
17:00 Closing remarks
17:05 End

Funding and in-kind support were provided by The State of Lower Saxony, Thünen Institute, Norwegian Research Council, and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research