FACCE MACSUR Workshop for policymakers (2015-05-06)

Climate-change impacts on farming systems in the next decades:
— why worry when you have CAP?
A FACCE MACSUR workshop for policymakers

6 May 2015
Brussels, Rue Montoyer 61
on the premises of the Representation of the State of Lower Saxony to the European Union

Local agricultural production is strongly affected by the weather. Climate change is likely to cause increases in extreme weather events, as well as underlying changes in average conditions. If agriculture is to be sustainable and profitable, farmers will need to adapt to these changes. What impacts could climate change have on farming systems across Europe, and how important are they likely to be compared to the impacts of policies?

In order to better answer these questions, the FACCE JPI knowledge hub MACSUR, compris­ing about 300 researchers in 18 countries, is assessing the current state of the art in the modelling of agri­cultural systems for food security. At this workshop we invite policymakers and other stakeholders to learn about regional impacts of climate change on European agriculture relative to policies and to inform the research network about the consultation needs of stakeholders.

The presentations are available in FACCE MACSUR Reports volume 6.

12:00 Registration/Lunch/Videos/Posters
Part 1: Modelling for understanding climate change impacts on agriculture 
  Presentations and discussion 
13:15 Welcome and introduction to MACSUR approach (Martin Banse, Thünen Institute)
13:30 Crop production (Katharina Brüser, University of Bonn)
13:50 Livestock and feed production, especially dairy and beef (Jantine van Middelkoop, Wageningen UR)
14:10 Producer price levels (Floor Brouwer, LEI @ Wageningen UR)
14:30 Coffee, Tea
Part 2: 
Regional impacts of climate change, observations and projections
 14:30 Registration
  Presentations and discussion
15:00 Welcome and overview of MACSUR results (Martin Banse, Thünen Institute)
15:10 Northern Savo, Finland (Perttu Virkajärvi, Luke Finland)
15:30 Mostviertel, Austria (Martin Schönhart, University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences)
15:50 Oristano, Sardinia, Italy (Pier Paolo Roggero, University of Sassari)
16:10 Impacts of CAP relative to weather, adaptation (Ana Iglesias, Technical University of Madrid)
16:30 Coffee, tea
16:45 EU-level assessments and scenarios (Hermann Lotze-Campen, PIK)
17:15 »The role of European agriculture in a changing world. How to achieve regionally flexible adaptation policies?«
Panel discussion with Maddalena Dali' (DG Clima), Herwig Ranner (DG Agri), Louis Fliervoet (the Netherlands' Ministry of Economic Affairs) and Tania Runge (the FACCE Stakeholder Advisory Board and COPA-COGECA). Moderator: Katharina Helming (Center for Agricultural Landscape Research)
18:00 - 18:15 Wrap-up
18:30 End

Funding was provided by The State of Lower Saxony, Norwegian Research Council, and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research