The Kickoff Workshop (2012-10-15–16, Berlin):
steps towards model integration

While the world population is growing and food preferences change, droughts occur simultaneously in different parts of the world more often. The tangible consequences of global climate change cause higher prices for staple food, which hits poor countries especially hard. In contrast, climate change will rather favour the most productive European agricultural regions. This increases Europe’s responsibility for those parts oft he world that are affected strongly by climate change.

At the start of the project more than 140 scientists gathered in Berlin to plan the joint tasks in this FACCE JPI Knowledge Hub. As a first step, FACCE MACSUR will answer the most urgent questions of climate change effects on agricultural production for selected pilot regions. How will changed weather and climate conditions affect the food production in European regions? What are the consequences for the European contributions to food security globally and which feedbacks can be expected for individual farms?

The keynote lecture by Tim Benton (Global Food Security and University of Leeds) and the keynote lecture by Tim Carter (Finnish Environment Institute – SYKE) set the background by describing the need for assessing future impacts on food security and how to deal with the uncertainty associated with data, models, and projections.

In parallel sessions participants discussed the organization of the work, common approaches to answering the questions, potential pilot regions, involvement of stakeholders, and how the results will be presented. A post-hoc survey filled in by 75 attendees showed that the workshop had answered many organizational issues. But since the project has only started, many more issues must be discussed and clarified in the coming months.

Summaries of the sessions can be found in FACCE MACSUR Reports 1 (archived in PUBLISSO).

Below you find some impressions from the workshop.

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